Road Grader Excitement

Today’s drive ended with cold pancakes with vanilla yogurt piled high with blackberries, blueberries and raspberries…YUM YUM and warmed over coffee!  May not sound like a treat to you but with this second all by myself drive under my belt it was Champaign de-lux! 

We were supposed to have company this morning at 7 am.  When it hit seven and he was a no show it was harness time!  We are under a 40% chance of thunderstorms with flash flood watches for the next several days.  Sorry Charlie, I’m not waiting on anyone! 

The team was the best at the trailer they have ever been, they stood and waited patiently for me to get in and get settled.  I finally had to let them move.  There was a huge bumblebee flying and landing all over Galahad.  We needed to move.  Leaving the yard was fun as we had to play zigzag thru the vehicles without keying any of them, fortunately no paint was harmed.  Heck who needs cones… honey jus’ go ahead and park your prize pickup in my way! 

Out on the road they were great after yesterday’s layoff.  We did some trotting even a few steps of Gee and Haw at the trot!  Galahad didn’t know he could do that in harness.  Arrived at one of my important crossroads… whell almost to it.  The road was being watered by a big ole truck with flashing yellow lights.  I didn’t know if they were getting ready to oil the gravel which I do not need to get on the donkeys or the cart or if they were going to grade it.  Didn’t see the grader so decided it was dust abatement.  We did a haw around turn on the narrow gravel road right in front of the truck. Bet that looked kewell to the driver, I know he can’t do that with his big ole truck!  As we were headed back down the road and halfway up the hill I could see dust boiling ahead of us.  That meant something big was coming mighty fast.  All of a sudden I could see a yellow top and flashing lights… it was the road grader roaring up the other side of the hill right at us.  I moved the boys over as far as I could and kept driving them.  He hit the top of the hill about the same time we did.  No problem, he roared past and we got a dust bath.  Gotta love sensible ole’ donkey boys.

Docked the boys today in a new spot.  Where we normally dock is where I turn them towards home.  This time when we arrived at the turn to head for home I put them into a trot and we drove right past the corner.  Galahad was thinking what the ‘ ell is she up to now.  We drove north on the road to the canyon that drops off the face of the earth.  We stopped just before going into it where I could see there was no traffic on the other side and we did another middle of the road turn around.  The boys are getting good at that. Mom is female and she is liable to change her mind any time any place!  I really want to start driving the northern route, this canyon needs conquered and soon! 

Called my neighbor on the cell phone as I was driving and asked it she would like to go for a short jaunt down the road.  Alternative motive here… wanted to drive past her place and turn around at the highway which meant she had to go out and tie up her barking dog.  She said yes so I drove the team up to her front door step and picked her up, did another impressive short turn around and down the road we drove visiting all the way! 🙂  Before we arrived back at her lane here came the road grader, haulin’ ass down the road.  This time he could see us and was able to slow way down. 

Dropped the neighbor at her door step her big white goose was in the front yard and had an attack look in his eyes and on his beak.  Luc though so too, as he forgot the barking dog and concentrated on the foul.  They came to a meeting of the minds and the goose waddled over to pick on the tied up dog instead.  That worked for Lucers!

On the way home we had a young fella pull his diesel tractor over and park it on the road.  He wanted to talk driving, that was kewell especially since the boys had to stop where they could see the lane that leads to the unhitching spot and ultimately their freedom.  They had already driven past our place earlier when we went to pick up the neighbor.  The boys were okay and happy for a break.  The young tractor driver sure looked us over, said he’s been trying to figure out the little wavy lines on the country roads.  Man, he said, “you guys go everywhere!”

Talk about lucky! I had two rain storms on either side of me the entire 2 hrs and 15 minutes … one was to the east and blocked the morning sun and the other one was coming at us from the southwest where our storms come in from.  Had just a few drops of rain land as I turned the boys loose.  May have to lose the shorts and tank top and find some rain gear.

I made it and the cold ole’ pancakes were superb! Now if I can just get some driving in between rainstorms or just remember to take a rain coat.  Yes, Galahad we drive in the rain…. you won’t melt!  

GPS Readings: Trip 5.76 mi, maximum speed 7.9 miles, Time moving 1 hr 50 minutes,

Galahad  hit the 20 hour driving marker!

A Quote from the driving group on line: “The key is paying close attention to your horse(s) and your environment at all times, ANTICIPATING what your horse may do, reading its body language then preparing for the worst and expecting the best outcome is critical. That said, I agree that a novice should NEVER drive solo.”  I happen to agree!   


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