All by Myself, thank you very much!

Hitched, drove and unhitched all by myself today, for the first time.  I made them stand at the trailer after I got into the cart by driving them forward and standing, Luc kept backing away from the trailer.  As soon as they settled at the trailer, we backed, stopped and settled and then headed down the lane.  The only thing I could see that I would have fixed on the harness, if I’d had a helper, was a twist in the draft or check lines.  So not too bad.

Galahad had a little freak on the bridge and drug Luc backwards; he was just over that same bridge the other day.  I drove him forward and over the bridge.  Then we sat so he could see the water and smell the skunk.  We crossed the same bridge on the way home and he was just fine.  There was a cold north wind blowing today and Galahad was a little jumpy.  Did not do any docking, fanning, visiting, it was all straight driving with good long rest breaks. 

Drove Day Road, which is our main road going to town.  We climbed the big hill before the corner, and then turned around at the corner.  I figured Galahad could do the “big hill” today, his biggest to date, with just me in the cart.  This one is a good introduction to the really steep hills on my favorite drive.  It was a pull but they did it.  He was pretty interested in the cows on top the hill but they were a long ways away from us.  Heading back to the house put me right into the cold wind!  I had goose bumps on top of goose bumps, had to build a pot of hot coffee and eat a hot lunch just to get warmed up. 

We had a fair amount of traffic today.  Farmers are cutting hay and getting it hauled. They are doing their spring spraying and weed control on the ground that is out of production this summer.  So the roads were also busy.

When I unharnessed I trimmed Luc’s mane with the clippers.  Galahad declined, he told me he doesn’t do loud clippers….. Oh boy… he’s doomed now to clippers.  He tried to tell me I can’t pick out his hind feet either, guess what!

GPS Reading 5.83 miles, maximum speed 7.1 much better speed control on the trot and we are getting more distance to our trot.  Total driving time 2 hrs 15 minutes.

After I got home I read a post on a driving forum that said do not ever drive a pair alone if that pair has less that 500 hours on them…. gee wonder what the farmers use to do when they had to work fields by themselves????  I’m just glad I drive donkeys as I’m sure they were talking horses!!!! Galahad just logged 18 hours of drive time.


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