Learning to double check everything everytime!

Started out with a four inch difference on the lines.  First thing I noticed was that they were really close together; the next thing that happened was they started biting at each others faces.  My big team would do this…. so I remembered what Oris said about being to close and went to the next notch on the coupling lines.  Problem solved!  Works best to go with a 6 inch difference on the lines.  They lined right out and traveled down the road just as straight as possible.  Made sure I drove them on the bit too.  Here is how our inside or draft lines look after being properly adjusted.

Inside Lines 

They started and stopped together and had a little problem with standing, mostly Luc was anxious to get underway.  He kept backing so I drove him forward and stopped, seemed to help. After a couple of steep hills he was happy to stand.

We are now docking from both directions and did more fanning and a little longer totting.  They were really going well together in the trot.

I did add a neck pad under Galahad’s collar and looks like it is fitting much better.  All in all it was a highly successful drive with NO harness adjustments at all when I unhitched.  NONE and that was a first!

As of right now it looks like I will be hitching, driving and unhitching all on my own tomorrow.  I’m ready and they are too.  They have 16 1/2 hours of hitch time under their belts.  Nice and cool again this morning 70 degrees with a cloud cover and a cool breeze.  The thunderheads are building, might get a little loud this evening.

One more thing when I went to pick up Galahad’s harness I noticed the hames had slipped down a notch… good call on Oris’s part!  I had two problems; the slipping down and the bottom strap was done up too loose yesterday and slipped off the hames.  I’m now doubling checking everything and everyone who helps me! 

GPS readings 6.13 miles today, Maximum speed was 8.7 I need to start slowing down their trot.  Total driving time was 2 hrs and 51 minutes. I drove the team all the way to Scholten and Longhaul Roads then back to Joe Bonds.  That makes a nice 6 mile loop.  Talked to Gordy Lance as he was fixing fence just past our place where the creek goes under the road, adding a little more time and distance.  That was excellent to drive past our driveway and a great diversion to have to stand and wait while we visited.


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