Canola on the Camas Prairie

Canola on the Camas Prairie

GPS readings 5.88 miles went to Lee and Debbie Pease and around their driveway instead of down to the highway  which cuts into our six mile trip a little bit.  The maximum speed in a nice controlled trot was 7.7 mph and total driving time today was 2 hours and 45 minutes.

It was 77 degrees with a light breeze, perfect weather, as was our drive.   I took photos from the driver’s seat of the donkeys facing the canola and wheat fields with the mountains in the background.

The readjustment on the lines made a huge difference, there was 8 inches difference today will decrease that to 6 inches tomorrow and I can go down to 4 inches.  I also adjusted Galahad’s back strap, right side, up one notch it has always looked to long even though it is the same length as the other side.  The britchin is still tipping just a little bit so this should help.  Galahad also needs some hames adjustments.

I am going to try a shorter set of traces on Luc tomorrow.  The shorter set has the holes cut several inchs shorter and that should be just perfect for him.  I’ve had to keep driving him forward to keep the traces tight.  He was busy being a character today!  He picked up the yoke pole and packed it in his mouth.  I was not impressed!  He may find it coated with something really icky for tomorrow’s drive.

 Robert was with me and he did some driving today which was very nice.  Galahad was even better in today’s trot, docking and fanning.  During the month of May we logged 13 ½ hours of driving time in 8 drives. Had eight ground driving sessions so about 8 hours there.

neighborhood visit


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