First Drive Alone, Just me and the boys!

My first drive alone with the boys.  Our new obstacles for the day were crossing a bridge with gurgling water, a pasture of new Black Angus cattle Galahad had never seen before.  When we got back to our lane we found two half grown steers that had gotten out and were trimming around our mailbox.  The team’s big assignment for the day was to drive past the cattle, turn them and run them off the road and into the creek and under the fence where they have been getting out.  Ahhhh piece of cake!  We put the cows back in.  These are the same cows that got out yesterday and joined the boys in a birthday celebration for Luc.  Very sociable donkey lovin’ steers these two are.  It was 77* at the end of today’s drive Galahad’s harness stayed in place much better today and for the most part he drove better.  Sure is nice to see the britchin hanging straight across the ass for once.  I did retighten the breast and quarter straps when I got home, those were just too loose.

When Galahad would go crocked and hang his head to the outside I found that by geeing and hawing back and forth across the road made him want to line out and go straight! Big old’ grin here!  It’s less work Galahad to go in a straight line, don’t ya know!

We worked again on trotting.  I found that a little bit of an incline helped him to line out and pull while trotting.  Either that or we have trotted enough that finally I have convinced him that he needs to pull while trotting.  He did pull today in a trot for the first time and was relaxed enough to lope a few steps.  Okay tomorrow we start working on his speed control in a trot.  We already do that in a walk.  We work on “easy walk” and a “step-up walk” and if someone is lagging I call out his name and give the step-up command.  They do not like the whip so both obey.  Luc will test me sometimes so he gets “touched by his angel” every so often.

At our crossroads both coming and going we worked on fan maneuvers in both directions.

Then on the way home in the same spot we worked on docking.  That was kewell! 

 Had to use my ice pick to get the tiny rocks out of the hooves today, but it worked neat!  Does anyone ever use an ice pick anyway, for ice that is?

GPS readings:  5.15 miles, Max Spd 8.5 mph, driving time 2 hours. 

 Galahad has just hit his first 10 hours of driving mark, now on to the next ten.  Drove them past Cole’s and turned around in the hay field entrance next to the creek.

Worked on the lines today.  There was 12 inches difference between the continuous and the coupling lines decreased that to 8 inches.  My lines on the inside were really hanging low with no contact. Scarie, uh!

These are the steers that came to Luc’s Birthday party yesterday.

cow company making themselves to home


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