Sixth Drive Confident and Relaxed

Had another wonderful early morning drive. Clouds rolled in and I even got a little chilled, looks like we are in for some much needed rain.  This was the sixth drive for the new team.  I’m feeling especially good about these guys.

I am so pleased as Galahad is getting more and more relaxed and gaining more self confidence with each outing.  He stays in step and pulls right along with Lucers.  Oh today is Luc’s 8th birthday, he thought he should have the day off with just treats to eat! 🙂

Galahad is starting to learn how to fan, we did 1/4 of a fan today, and our first docking today, he will back a few steps and together they back straight, they will stop and take nice long breaks and when they start moving again are right together in step. 

 We drove 4.66 miles today in 2 hours with 30 minutes of stopping time visiting with the locals and getting their pictures taken by Vicki Cole.  Today was the last day I have Erin as a full time helper.  Tomorrow Debbie Patten wants to go with me.  If not I feel that I am ready to go by myself.  The guys are easy to hitch and unhitch and we’ve encountered just about all the obstacles… heavy loud farm equipment, people walking, walkers with dogs, dogs barking, horses running ya know all that fun stuff!  Nothing seems to bother him and of course Luc doesn’t care, he’s Mr. Laid Back.   Galahad is having trouble with the trot so we are just doing a few steps at a time.  He does come right back to me.

Luc's birthday drive


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