More Harness Problems

Darn it, I am still having problems with Galahad’s harness.  Added more length to the inside back and quarter straps plus we also shortened the hip straps one notch.  Hopefully this will keep the spider centered on his hip so he can go straight.  He is still turning his head to the outside and the line adjustment seems to be good. 

Walked all the way to Joe Bond’s and back home.  Jerry Scholten was out walking with his dogs, Wayne Cole was out for a walk and when we were almost home our neighbor Debbie pulled over to visit with her barking dog  that never did shut up.  So it was a big dog day for the donkey boys. 

We had no problems with the horses.  In fact there were no problems at all.  We walked almost the entire trip.  When we did stop we enjoyed about 5 minutes of not moving.  We excuted some tight turns on the corners and they did wonderful!  GPS Readings; Trip Odometer 4.02 miles, Max speed (all walking except one small bolt 5.4 mph, moving average 3.1 mph, total time  1.46 hrs.


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