Second Prairie Drive


This was our second drive across the prairie.  Galahad did much better on the right side.  His back straps were too short and had to be lengthen three holes.  He also had a belly strap that was too short and it was pulling his britchin over to one side, and we added a hole to the neck strap to tighten it.  He was pretty miserable with his harness so far out of alignment.  Erin, who went with me, did not have to get out of the cart at all even past the running horses. When we arrived back at home and Erin and I made the adjustments.  Hopefully it will take less than 1 hour to harness tomorrow. GPS readings 3.45 miles, 6.6 max speed, moving average 3.2 mph and our drive time was 1 hr 30 minutes.  Will need to work on straightening Galahad’s frame tomorrow.   At the end of drive it was 65 degrees.


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