Driving the WhiteBird highways and byways

Driving Good 5 21 09

After yesterday I felt confident with a huge sense of accomplishment.  I was anxious to hitch again.  Today with Robert’s help I planned to drive down the highway, past the horses and mules, the dogs, the houses and the traffic.  This was a pretty ambitious drive especially for a second hitch but there was a reason behind it.

 It was coming up on Memorial Day weekend and we had plans to be gone for several days.  I needed to bring the boys home and with the temperatures heating up in WhiteBird I was not sure if I would bring them back.  My trusty friend Robert was there if I got myself into trouble.

 We hitched and drove around on the flat until all seemed to be okay.  We hit the highway and did very well until we came to the horses and mules that had been moved along side the main road with a portable electric fence put next to the asphalt.  We visited with the owner while the boys got a good look at the wild bunch who wanted to run next to us.  My boys were good and we proceeded down the public road.  The mules and horses had moved away from the road on our return trip and all went well.  We even had some traffic which was what I wanted.

I adjusted the breast straps as tight as I could get them and that really helped to get the pole on the cart higher.  Even the seat was fairly level.  I would still like to get the pole higher if anyone has any ideas??

side view 5 21

I had a good hour of driving the team before I turned the lines over to Robert so he could drive the them on the flat.  They are ready to come home and enjoy a few days off.  WhiteBird turned out to be my lifesaver, what a wonderful experience it was!  Next drive will be on home turf.


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