Teamdonk Hitched to the cart

Galahad's first drive 5 20 09

First thing we had to do was to change the chain traces to the leather slotted ones before harnessing.  It took 45 minutes of ground driving to get Galahad settled down enough to hitch.  We ground drove them on the main highway that way he would have a feel for asphalt, running horses and mules, barking dogs and passing vehicles. 

We returned to the trailer and attached the cart.  This was the first time the cart had been hitched to a team.  I was so nervous but it went incredibly smooth.  Of course driving them close to the trailer was a great advantage.  We were able to go back and make several adjustments like loosening the quarter straps so the britchin could work better. 

 I am still having problems with the lines and need to get that figured out soon.

 The other thing I noticed is that the pole hangs too low in front which makes the cart go downhill.  I need to raise that pole up.  If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear from you! I will shorten the breast straps first to see if that will help.   Maybe putting smaller tires on would help.

 Another problem we had and have not had this happen before is the inside draft line on Galahad became caught under the neck yoke.  Sure glad Robert was on hand to free it up.

 line hung up on pole

We had a good 30 minute drive on the flat… it has finally happened….

Galahad is hitched!



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