Hitched to a drag

It was the first drag for the boys today and they took it all in stride.  Robert and Don were on hand to help.  We had a wonderful beginning and didn’t waste any time getting hitched to the evener and then a short time later added the tire.  It was extremely noisy with the evener going over and catching the big rocks and dragging them.  At times it was so loud I could not  be heard.  Maybe the guys liked that!  It certainly did not affect the donkey boys at all.

I did have to readjust the lines. I discovered that the boys were working more off voice cues than line cues, the inside lines were not working correctly.  Finally got the outside lines where they were making contact with the bit which eased up on the inside ones.  It’s so nice to have them ground driving so I can see what  needs changed to make everything go smoother when we do hitch. 

Tire dragging May 19th

What GREAT boys they were today.  Robert took Luc and Galahad for a spin around the pen, giving the boys a chance to experience a new handler, it was his first team driving experience.  Lots of firsts for everyone today.   

The Drag


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