Teamdonk Drives Again

Don helped out for the first time and he was wonderful!!!  As a kid he hayed with a team on Joseph Plains and I think he enjoyed working with harness again.  I felt bad that it took so long to get started.  I left home at 6 am and was all set up with the pylons in place, the gate open, the donkey boys fed and brushed … I was ready that way just not harnessed by the time he got there at 7:30. 

I had not hitched the boys up as a team since last fall.  Harnesses had been torn apart over the winter and needed to be put back together.  Some parts were at WhiteBird and some were at the farm.  Galahad had not had his brand new harness put together as a team setup so there were holes to punch and lots of adjustments that needed to be made.  I had to bring some of his and Lucer’s harness home to be readjusted here. 

Finally got everything on, nicely adjusted and then came the lines…Kristi’s personal bug-a-boo.  I had forgotten to look at my diagram or even take it with me so I did a guess and by golly.  After trying to drive them with the lines on ALL wrong, we went back to the trailer and I guessed again… this time I finally figured them out!  It is so simple and I was trying to make it way too hard.  By George I think I’ve finally got it!! 

Once going with the lines right… I drove them to the pen with Don helping with Galahad.  After about ten minutes in the pen I had Don stand at one end of the pen and I drove the guys by myself towards him.  At the end of thirty minutes Galahad was keeping up with Luc, going thru the cones and turning tight circles.  At 9 am we quit and I drove them back to the trailer all by myself without Don’s help.  It was 78* by then.  They got a good 45 minute drive in. 

 I have to get a rope set up tomorrow morning to keep their butts together but that won’t be hard.  Other than that it should progress into them dragging the tire.   I hope!!!! 

Teamdonk going thru the cones


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