Who’s Training Whom?

 The place in White Bird, Idaho where I have the boys was once a Salmon River sheep outfit.  There are some nice big pens that I can use for  arena work and a lot of flat open areas off the road to work in.   There is a steep gravel road to run the guys up and down as a contrast to the flat.  This has turned into the perfect place to play.  I spend a good four hours a day there with the fellas.  The temperatures run about 10 degrees warmer and so much milder than here on the prairie.  I’m a little worried as next week it looks like it will be in the mid to high 80’s but the mornings remain cooler.  Today it is raining so we have a training day off, which my feet are thanking me for! 

I’ve made huge strides training Galahad to drive this week.  He just can do no wrong.  I had to remind myself to quit after an hour and not keep throwing new stuff at him.  I was breaking up the sessions into 30 minute segments with a rest in between but yesterday we did an hour non stop and he was fine with it.  I’ve ponied him while riding Luc earlier in the week and when Galahad was finished with his lesson yesterday we ponied him off the cart. He was perfect.  I have him ground driving out in the open without a helper and he’s ready to start dragging a tire.  He’s stopping and turning  just like an ole’ pro.  We are way ahead of where I thought we would be at this point so taking today off is no big deal.  His confidence level has risen about 100 percent.  I think I only had to stop him yesterday a couple of times to give him a chance to settle down.  I’ve been watching his breathing and when he gets upset his breathing really changes, so we stop and give him a moment to relax again. 

I am now ready to start breaking in my third helper so we’ll have to see how that goes.  This is Galahad’s first week of training and my first helper quit before we even got started  I now have a couple of guys who are willing to help and they are going to be better than okay.  Robert wants to get his own driving donkey so Luc is training Robert how to drive donkeys.  It’s funny when Robert screws up Luc just stops and looks back at him as if to say, “Okay I’m not moving until you get it figured out.”  Luc will wait until Robert decides what he did wrong and fixes it then when all is okay Luc moves forward.  My push button smarter than the dickens donkey, gotta luv him!  I just turn Luc and Robert lose and let Luc do the training…works for me!!!

Robert Grnd Drving Luc


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