Training Session on the Prairie

Saturday, May 09, 2009 My helper from WhiteBird, Robert Ingram, drove up from WhiteBird today for a ground driving session with Galahad.  We tried on his new harness and it fit perfectly no adjustments were made.  I will have to shorten the back straps as they were a little long. Used his new bridle and this time a Butterfly Mullen bit.  I’m not sure if this will be the right one for him but will continue to use it to see it he settles into it. We ground drove him for 30 minutes.  He was a little cranky about leaving Luc and was pretty nervous.  He finally settled down and was a better boy the last 15 minutes.  

It was warm 60* on the prairie and no wind.  Just perfect!  He is going to have a great whoa and stand.  Put the hobbles on for just a minute and he was okay.  Drug the tire around and put the poles up against him and all was fine with that.  He got feisty with cleaning one hind hoof. 

He was a done deal after 2 hrs of messing with him.

Here is Galahad last fall in Luc’s harness we rigged up to drive him in.

Galahad In Harness


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