Looking The Place Over

Sunday Mother’s Day May 10th Galahad is scheduled to go to Carlson’s at 3:30 p.m. training begins Monday morning.

May 7, 2009 Update to yesterday… I drove to WhiteBird to look the over the situation, it’s only 22 miles one way, takes about 40 minutes down the old White Bird grade at 30 mph.  I love that old grade, just kick back, relax and enjoy the breath taking scenery and the L shaped corners every hundred feet or so for 7 miles.  That way I didn’t have to deal with road construction and it’s probably a few miles shorter than going down the new grade.

The donkey quarters at Carlson’s look okay, it’s a muddy pen right now but secure.  There is enough room for both of the boys so will take Luc down to be with him.  There are lots of places to drive Luc while Galahad is in training and I can use Luc to pony Galahad over for training instead of a long walk for me. There’s a place to keep my trailer there for secured storage of harness, saddle, cart and when he is ready to start outside the arena there is a flat grassy area drive in.  The WhiteBird Battlefield entrance is across the road and that will make a nice place to ride Luc. The pros certainly out weight the cons.  I see me packing a daily lunch.

 Tim’s place is deep in mud ‘n muck so may have to haul to the White Bird Rodeo arena which is sandy and drier to work in.  Until Tim’s place dries out I should be able to train right there on the flat at Carlson’s.  Looking over my lesson plans that would work out great!  The creek is roaring thru there and it is sheltered with trees, making of lovely background for training photos.

 I think with a good solid week of ground work, I foresee us hitching him the week of the 18th, maybe even right there on the flat at the corrals.   It would be as safe as any sandy arena.

 Looks like a good case scenario all around.


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