The Training Dilemma

I have been getting pretty discouraged about Galahad’s driving training.  Racking my brain for someone who could help me on a consistent basis, like an every day routine.  I had even tried to think of a friend that I could hire.  The other big problem is I have to haul to an arena.  That takes someone to help me load him on a daily basis, if I needed help, and an arena that is close enough where I could haul to.  Even one near a teamster who could be my helper would be sweet.  Kooskia, Kamiah, Cottonwood, Grangeville and White Bird are all small towns about 10 to 50 miles from me, and they all have their pros and cons.  So the more I thought about this the more frustrated I was getting.  I even thought I would have to take him back to Montana, Washington or Oregon to a real trainer.  I want to train this boy myself while I’m not working.  I was getting worried that I may not have time to get him driving if I did not get him in training soon.  Sleepless nights and total frustration was where I was at!

Low and behold God stepped up and gave me a solution!   I picked up the newspaper and there was the answer.  Tim and Bobbie McNamee of White Bird have a training facility, a great reputation and are advertising for colts to start.  I called Bobbie and I’m sure I sounded pretty desperate as she agreed to be my ASSistant using her place to train.  I gave her the low down on Galahad and that I need to keep him separate from other horses and the mules.  That did not work for them at all but down the road Carlson’s have set up a boarding facility and they can keep him separate from everyone else’s stock, which works for me.  The weather is warmer in WhiteBird and less windy, except when the winds kick up along the mighty Salmon River in the afternoons so that is a huge plus.  Am hoping to deliver Galahad to WhiteBird Sunday and start a regular training schedule on Monday.  Yippee!!!!  My prayers have been answered… now if I could do something about the weather. North Central Idaho has had a miserable cold wet windy spring.  I spent all last month down with a horrible flu that wanted to turn into bronchitis but am over that now except for a deep chest cough that comes and goes.

 I guess this is a solution for someone who has the same problem.  Wanting to start their own animal but needing a place to train and a helper. Hire a professional trainer.  You get someone with equine experience to start with and to me that’s a huge plus right there.


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