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2009’s Second Outing with Galahad

February 4, 2009

Wednesday Feb 4th was another perfect donkey driving day at 45* and sunshine.  This time Galahad was wearing a bridle with blinders and a Kimberwick snaffle bit for the first time.  That I will change tomorrow.  He has more respect for the Kimberwick but the snaffle makes him raise his head to avoid the bit even with the lightest pressure. 

It always takes a little bit for them to get use to the blinders and the sounds of the gravel crunching under my feet, but it didn’t seem to take him long to adapt.  Erin did not even have to touch the lead rope except when he got tired of standing while I visited with the neighbor and then it was just a lite tap.  

We ground drove him about a half mile further than yesterday.  Again we went thru the bottom of the hay field with standing water which he at first was not to sure of but was soon splashing thru it.  Remember we are doing this out on the open road with some traffic today that would not slow down for us.  Everything was coming up from behind and he was really good about it.  I would say we drove him for a good hour.  Afterwards he just wanted people to love on him, I think he really enjoys the attention and making the other boys jealous!

Hello world!

February 3, 2009

Welcome to our blog.  We are going to take you back in time as we catch you up with training Galahad to drive and then we’ll get to our favorite country drives.  Join us on our journey

Tuesday February 3rd was unbelievable beautiful with radiant sunshine and 44*, the perfect donkey winter weather, sweatshirts were just right for the dress of the day. Our exceptional farrier was out and trimmed all the boys’ hooves.  It was Galahad’s first time with Frank and they decided they could be best friends; the others had decided Frank was A-Okay on their first visit with him also. 

My donkey helper, Erin, who helped to start Luc has moved back to Idaho and came ready to play.  We harnessed Galahad and down the lane we went, ground driving.  Our first concentration was on Whoa and the second was Back.  Once we started down the road, I was ground driving and Erin was at Galahad’s head with a lead rope attached to a chain for some extra control.  We walked as well as trotted him, practiced Gee and Haw’s across the road and was passed by one vehicle, our mail carrier.  We went  into the hay field, thru a good sized snow drift in the ditch and back up to the road.  

Galahad got a little excited a few times and on the way home Erin took the lines and I took the lead rope.  This was his first time in harness after a three month lay off; last October was his last drive.  This was his eighth ground driving session.  He really did a great job considering he had a new inexperienced driver part of the time and he had never trotted in harness before.  But we’ll get there!

 We passed the lane coming back to the house and went to the mail box instead and then down the road away from the house.  He was so good coming back to the lane that he got to come back to his unhitching post.  Galahad was unharnessed and after an appropriate tie up time was turned loose. 

 Now all I need is some nice weather and it won’t be long before Galahad joins the ranks of the other Team Donk Driving Boys!